Enabling Detailed Logging: mostly empty RawRequest and RawResponse?

I try to understand Useful Debug Modes.
I enabled detailed analytics recording in tyk.conf (global level):

"enable_analytics" : true,
"analytics_config": {
  "enable_detailed_recording": true

However I notice that most API call analytic record RawRequest and RawResponse are empty. Only one or two that have RawRequest and RawResponse. I expect by setting “enable_detailed_recording”: true, all API calls analytic record will have RawRequest and RawResponse? Am I wrong?

Hi @soen_hien, no you are not wrong. Setting enable_detailed_recording on the gateway would ensure all APIs log their RawRequest and RawResponses.

However, you could also omit logging for specific APIs or sub paths using the do_not_track property. There is one defined at the root of an API definition to ignore analytics for the API as a whole and another as a middleware to exclude specific endpoints form analytics.

I would suggest checking the API definitions if this exists.