Does Tyk support load balancing at various nodes of a running Kubernetes?


I am looking into the Tyk documentation on load balancing.

In the documentation (Load Balancing), it mentions that:

" Tyk supports native round-robin load-balancing in its proxy. This means that Tyk will rotate requests through a list of target hosts as requests come in. This can be very useful in microservice architectures where clusters of specialised services are launched for high availability."

I am not so understand about this statement. Can Tyk inbuilt load balancer support load balancing with Kubernetes running where the microservices are distributed in various nodes(many servers or VMs)? Will Tyk perform the round-robin method when it gets incoming request and distributes it to different nodes?

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Maan Tarng

I am not too familiar with Kubernetes but if the nodes have an external IP (or public endpoint) that Tyk can point to, then I guess so. It is worth noting that the load balancing Tyk talks about is to the upstream.

Hope this helps.

@Olu Thanks for your help and information.