Docker Quickstart - Dashboard issue - strip_auth_data error when creating api

Followed tyk quickstart docker instructions and am getting the following message when adding a new API via the dashboard:

API object validation failed.
strip_auth_data: Additional property strip_auth_data is not allowed

Another colleague has the same issue after running through the quickstart.

Anyone else see this problem?

We made an issue in latest 1.3 patch release, and going to fix it.

However 1.4 is out, and I just switch quick start to use it. Try to check latest quick start and try again.

I got this issue too.

Seems like the latest tag in docker is still referring to 1.3.

Edit your docker-compose.yml to reference v2.4.0 (for Gateway) and v1.4.0 (for Dashboard), and it will work fine.

Thanks! Works fine with this change