Developper portal - API usage figure does not show

Hi everybody,

Should the API usage show up on the member/ page of the developper portal ? On my side, only a grey image (blob:null) appears.

Reminder of my previous post : My Tyk is on a cloud instance. Installation have been made with the Docker Quickstart guide
( Domain root points directly to the portal (I changed ‘/portal/’ to ‘/’ in portal_root_path).

Thank you for your help,

Hi again,

I manually installed the gateway, dashboard and pump and everything is working. The dashboard code in the all-in-one docker version must not be up to date or something else is missing…

NB : after assembling info from the tyk’s old docs and the current one, I finally understood that a reverse proxy has to be manually setup to map :80/ to :3000/{ORGID}/portal … It may be relevant to add it to the getting started :).

You shouldn’t need to do that, the dashboard will generate routes based off the portal domain you set using the UI (Your developer portal -> Set portal domain), you can then set the root path to be / on that specific domain and the portal will be generated there.

If you are using the redirect, with much older versions this was required, but newer versions all have built in domain and SSL handling so these redirects aren’t needed.