Developer portal won't load


I’m trying to set Tyk with Keycloak, following this guide: Step by step guide using Keycloak (
I’ve reach “Testing the flow” part and after adding developer I click “YOUR DEVELOPER PORTAL” > “OPEN YOUR PORTAL” and it sends me to some IP in my network port 3000/portal (x.x.x.x:3000/portal) and after a few seconds it says “can’t reach this page, [IP] took too long to respond”.
I tried pinging the IP and its responding.

I’m running on work network with no internet connection, used this configuration files to run Tyk in docker: tyk-pro-docker-demo/confs at master · TykTechnologies/tyk-pro-docker-demo · GitHub (using postgress, not mongo).

I think it have something to do with this configurations:

Advanced Server Settings + SSL

But I can’t find a setting that opens the portal.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @YakirYacov

Please, see if this helps. Configure your Developer Portal - YouTube

In the end I didn’t need the developer portal, just wanted to create an api that require Keycloak authentications. this video: API Authentication with OIDC, KeyCloak & Tyk API Gateway - YouTube provided the steps to do so.
This thread can be closed, but for future reference, the developer portal is required to allow developers of applications to set up configurations in Tyk? also the script in the video you provided is a must to activate it?

Hey @YakirYacov,

Glad you got it working.

The developer portal allows you to expose your APIs, and then developers can register and consume your API. The developers are users of your API - they don’t set up configurations in Tyk per se. You can have a read at our documentation for more insight. Tyk Portal Classic

The portal is available by default and does not need to be activated per se. You just need to set its domain, and create at least a home page, and these can be done through the Dashboard UI.

The script executes these steps to get you going quickly by making calls to the Dashboard API (it doesn’t set a domain though). The API calls the script makes can be found here: Tyk Portal API.

If you’re on local, the portal should be reachable at 3000/portal, depending on your config. I’m not sure why it wasn’t responding on your end.

Hope this helps.