Dashboard log level debug

How to set log level debug at Tyk dashboard work on Ubuntu? Is there a verified way? Is there a way you tested before personally?

Please don’t paste refer here, It doesn’t work.

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Setting The TYK_LOGLEVEL environment variable to debug when starting the relevant Tyk Process will work for any Tyk software component (dashboard, pump, gateway…). This works under any distribution, and all versions in at least the last 2-3 years (I have limited experience myself before that time period, but I suspect it would be the same).

While the gateway has a configuration item log_level which can be set, this is not the case for the Dashboard, the most consistent manner to enable debug logging is as described above with the TYK_LOGLEVEL environment variable.

Please don’t paste refer here, It doesn’t work.

The page you linked refers to debugging specifically analytics in relation to tyk-pump operation, so this would not be beneficial for dashboard logs.

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