Dashboard cyrilic in logs

Good afternoon!

We use the dashboard to configure the API.

We turn on advanced logging.
If there are Cyrillic characters in RawRequest or RawResponse the output is not correct.

Probably it’s related to javascript function deserializing base64.

Please advise, can we expect to fix it ?
Is there a crutch version ?

Hi @ignashkins, could you share the version of the gateway you are using as well as sample request for testing.

A normal POST request with JSON body:

    "name": "Николай"

Tyk GW version: v3.0.0

p.s. when base64 is deserialized (e.g. https://www.base64decode.org), the data is correct, the problem seems to be on the frontend.

Yes, it appears so the log browser isn’t decoding it properly. I will inform the team about this and get back to you.

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Hello @Olu, maybe this will help you: here’s the place in the code where I think the error is.

Mosilla’s solution