Dashboard customization

We have separate Dashboard installation for each environment (TEST, STAGE, PROD).
How can we inject e.g. “PROD” somewhere in the header, to quickly distinguish the environment?

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Can you explain more about your goal here? Where are you injecting the header? The dashboard or the gateway.

Considering you have three separate installations, I was going to suggest using a different CNAME for each. Or am I missing something?

No, no, I mean Dashboard UI look. To know right away on which environment are you working on.
I got a response from support: It can’t be customized.

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Hello @bkomac, we are actually looking to implement this feature in the near future. Let me get you some timelines!


Hello @bkomac just a quick update. I don’t have much information but I know that we are targeting Q1 to release this feature a long with a bunch of quality of life improvements for the product. I will update this thread as I find out more! :slight_smile: