Custom Domain Condition


I set up an API which accept a custom domain consist of only two subdomains for example:
‘{subdomain:(?:test|test2)}’ which accepts only: test and test2
in my endpoint designer I want to rewrite the path to different url for these two domains so for example if I got ‘test’ I want it to be rewrite to ‘’ and if I got
‘test2’ I want it to be rewrite to ‘
I tried Advanced URL Rewrite but I couldn’t manage how to properly set it

Thank You

Not sure if possible natively.

Here’s the list of request meta data we can look at:

Doesn’t look like “host” is one of them.

You could write a custom plugin to look at the requested server name and inject it as a header ? That way your URL rewrite could have access to that header and write to an API depending on its value.

Here’s a line in a “pre” Go plugin that injects the requested Host name as a header: