Cloud Dashboard : Where is organization ID , where policies menu

Hi all,
this is a newbie question … I can’t find out two things within the cloud dashboard (I’m logged in, everything seems to be ok).

  1. the documentation ( explains “Your dashboard will be available on:”.
    I tried to find the “organisation-slug” information within “my” cloud dashboard - but can’t find it.
    Can somebody tell me where it is?

  2. The Quickstart manual ( talks about
    “Create a Policy: Under the “Policies” menu item, select “New Policy”,…”.
    I can’t find this Policies menu … Again, can somebody tell me where it is?

Regards, aba

Hi Aba,

That should be fixed now - we accidentally locked users out of the policies section on cloud with a new UI update that went out a few hours ago - if you refresh your browser (or log out and in again) the policies section will return. :-/

Your organisation slug will be in your welcome email it’s a sluggified version of your company name - you can visit your portal by clicking “Your Developer Portal” -> “Open your portal”, it will automatically open a new tab with the URl for your portal.

Thanks a lot for your immediate help!