Change default port of TYK

As default port of tyk is 8080 but I want to change is it 8050.

I tried adding below in /opt/tyk/tyk.conf file:

“listen_port”: 8050,

But tyk service still seems to be running with 8080 port. Any suggestions.

Hi @saloni512, this depends on your installation method. For example in docker, you would also need to specify the ports in your docker compose file.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you install Tyk?

HI Olu,

My installation is on the RHEL 7 and I used below command to install tyk open edition:

ansible-playbook playbook.yaml -t tyk-ce -t redis

Okay. It should work. Have you tried restarting the gateway after the change?

Also, try running the the command below as root as share the result

netstat -lptuna | grep LISTEN | grep tyk