Change Authorization Type

Hi people,

Im trying to simulate a situation like this: The API use Basic Authentication but i need to set a Bearer token to send to destiny service.
Service1 (using Basic Auth) ->Tyk Gateway (get the real token from Vault, erase/update ‘Authentication’ header to “Bearer REALTOKEN”) -> DestinyService.

I’m trying to do it this way:

...(some code)
request.SetHeaders['Authorization'] =;
return basicAuthMiddleware.ReturnData(request, session.meta_data);

where "’ it’s a string. I can add this value on a header that i created but i need to add to Authorizations header and i’m getting this error:

time="Feb 11 15:22:59" level=info msg="Attempted access with malformed header, header not in basic auth format." api_id=30 api_name="Simula Rota Cadastro" key="****ken1" mw=BasicAuthKeyIsValid org_id=default origin= path="/cadastro/get"
time="Feb 11 15:22:59" level=warning msg="Attempted access with malformed header, no auth header found." api_id=30 api_name="Simula Rota Cadastro" mw=BasicAuthKeyIsValid org_id=default origin= path="/cadastro/get"

How can i fix this? Is it possible to change Authorization Type from an api ou any other workaround?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Marcos-Oleiro,

I believe that you can solve this with Virtual Endpoints or Looping…

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