Cannot create a key - Tyk Cloud

Hi all - I cannot create access keys via the Tyk Dashboard any longer. I’m not sure when this might have started happening because the last time I created a key was about a month ago.

Here’s the error I’m receiving:

Failed to save new session object to Tyk: Failed to unmarshal error: unexpected end of JSON input

Hopefully you guys can knock this one out soon. We’re just about to roll out to our clients.

Hi all - this is working now. Any idea what was going on?

Hi, not sure what was behind this.

Did you make any adjustments to your settings or approach?

Do you know what the exact timings of the issue arose and was fixed?

Also, are you a paying customer of Tyk? If so, you have access to the helpdesk where you can open a ticket for prompt resolution.


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@James Thanks for the response. No changes on our side, I stopped working on it and picked it back up the next day.

The exact timing was whatever the timestamp is of my first message, about 06/01/2018 at 16:24 central daylight time USA.