Caching Support in Tyk v4.3.4

Hi Team,

Does Tyk Gateway(v4.3.4) internally supports any cache mechanism for APIs response? If yes, then how long it will be cache an API response?

For eg; Suppose we have a Tyk API (i.e., /testAPI) and If we hit this API, tyk gateway caches its response at very first time. And, From the second time onwards, if we hit the same API again, tyk gateway returns the cached response of that API.


Thanks please see the caching documentation here for details Caching

Hi Josh,

The API definitions configuration we have is below -
“cache_options”: {
“cache_timeout”: 0,
“enable_cache”: false,
“cache_all_safe_requests”: false,
“cache_response_codes”: null,
“enable_upstream_cache_control”: false,
“cache_control_ttl_header”: “”,
“cache_by_headers”: null
By this can we conclude that cache is not enabled for our api ?
If yes then we need your help in understanding the below scenario:

  • We have run a load of 500 TPS for half hour on tyk (4.3.4) having 10KB payload.

    The Average Response time we are getting is 7ms.
    We need to understand how the POST request is taking this much time.
    Note: When checked the Request time on TYK logs we observe it has the maximum value as 241ms.

That would indicate it is not enabled