Authorize Button not visible in OAS3.0

Uploading an Swagger v3.0 file in Portal Management Documentation shows no Authorize Button in Portal Management when authorization is Basic Auth.

But in Swagger UI, Authorize Button is visible:

Could you please check, why Authorize Button is not visible in Portal Management?


Could you please post your API definition?

Just to note, OpenAPI 3.0 is not currently supported, and there is an enhancement request on GH which you can follow here: OpenAPI 3.0 support for specifying APIs · Issue #1392 · TykTechnologies/tyk · GitHub


@Luan : Hello again!
So when OpenAPI 3.0 is not currently supported, it would be better for me to wait.

Hello hello :slight_smile:

Yes for now it is better to wait if you must use 3.0, you can follow the progress of the issue on the GitHub link I sent