APIs not getting listed in the dashboard

I am not able to see any API I have added to the dashboard in tyk cloud, what can be the reason, and how to rectify it as it has been happening intermittently for the past few days!

Could you copy and send the URL as seen in the screenshot below via a private message. The URL should contain the org id, team id, loadout (aka environment) id, and deployment in that order.

Also, was there any operation you might have performed before this happened? And do you have APIs already in the dashboard?

@Parsenjit_kumar Can you confirm if the Policy UI works as expected in the dashboard?

From the logs, we can observe an error in the UI rendering. This happens because of a data type mismatch in one or more of the policies. We have identified the issue to be with the meta_data attribute of the policy.

We are currently working on a fix, however, you could examine the policies with the Dashboard API and temporarily mitigate the issue by changing any int or float value to a string.

Hope this helps.

@Olu, yes policy dashboard is working normally.