API with non tyk domain url


I am evaluating tyk cloud to be used for my API management.

Is it possible to use tyk cloud and configure my API to be consumed by developers where the url is not under http://[company-name].cloud.tyk.io ?

I prefer to use tyk cloud over hybrid deployment.


Hi Ahmad,

Yes it is, you can set up a custom CNAME for your portal/api subdomain when you have a startup or above account plan.


Hi Martin,

Your fast response is highly appreciated.

So what you are saying here is that by setting up a CNAME for my portal, then developers can consume my API by calling http://[mydomain.com i.e. CNAME]/API-Slug instead of http://[company-name].cloud.tyk.io/API-Slug ?

If yes, please can you provide the basic steps required to setup a CNAME?


Hi Ahmad,

Yes exactly - so to get started:

  1. Sign up for a Tyk Cloud Account
  2. Make sure you are happy with your API setup / test the platform and make sure it all works as you expect it to with our domain name
  3. Upgrade your account to the Startup Plan in your admin panel
  4. In your dashboard, select “Your Developer Portal” and then “Set Portal Domain”, enter your domain name here
  5. Set up the CNAME (yourdomain.comorg-slug.cloud.tyk.io) in your DNS provider
  6. Send an email to support[at]tyk.io with your request to have the CNAME enabled (or use the support portal directly)

We will then update your CNAME permissions on our end and the domain will be active within a few minutes.

Your APIs would then be available on yourdomain.com/api-slug and your portal on yourdomain.com/portal