API Observability dashboard with OpenTelemetry and Grafana


As part of our upcoming release of OpenTelemetry support in Tyk Gateway (see FAQ link for more details), I am excited to share that I am currently working on building example dashboards in Grafana.

This demo leverages the OpenTelemetry collector to generate metrics from distributed traces and export them as Prometheus metrics. Here I am using Prometheus/Grafana but these metrics could also be sent to various observability tools, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in monitoring and analysis.

Now I need your help in answering an important question: What are the key components of an effective API Observability dashboard? As we build these example dashboards, I want to ensure we include all essential elements for comprehensive monitoring of your APIs.

Please share your insights on what is currently missing from the dashboards and the specific information you need to enable effective API monitoring.

The first dashboard will provide an overview of all APIs, summarizing their health and performance:

Additionally, I am creating a second dashboard that allows users to filter the data based on specific criteria, such as API, API version, and API Gateway:

Your feedback is highly appreciated, and Iā€™m here to address any questions or suggestions you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Here is the latest version of the dashboard: GitHub - TykTechnologies/demo-api-observability-opentelemetry: Demo - API Observability with Tyk, OpenTelemetry, Jaeger and Grafana

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