Allow API access only to Tyk Middleware

Hello there,

Is there a way to restrict the access to an API so it is only accessible via internal Tyk plugin?

Thank you.

Hi Amanjeev,
We have this option, let me know if that helps.

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Thank you, @Shreyas ! Which part of the JSON config does this correspond to? We do not use Dashboard.

Is that "active": true?

In that case, the field would be “internal”: false.

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Thank you! Maybe I missed the API config properties documentation. Is there a place where they are all listed?

PS: I really appreciate your help. You’ve been kind and patient.

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Just did some digging around and this is what I could find: API Definition Objects

They could use some improvement, I suppose. But it’s what we have. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. :slight_smile: I guess we can add to that list. lol

Last question for now: Do I have to use TykMakeHttpRequest for API access from within the middleware plugin for an API that is internal only? If yes, then can I skip Domain part of the request object?

Hi Shreyas,

"internal": true,

this still keeps the api accessible for me. :frowning: