A separate endpoint for GraphQL subscriptions

I’m using Tyk in supergraph/subgraph configuration.

My GraphQL backend has two different endpoints:

  • one for queries and mutations;
  • another one for subscriptions.

In application configuration there’s only proxy.target_url field with a target endpoint URL. I use this field to specify an URL of the first endpoint(for queries and mutations).

Question: how can I configure an endpoint for GraphQL subscriptions?

Hello @Andrey_Nado,

When you say two different endpoints do you mean two different listen paths?


If so are they separate subgraphs? If they are, what you will need to do is import each endpoint as a subgraph and then create a supergraph that will federate both graphs.

Let me know if this helps,

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Hi @zaid

Yes, adding a separate app definition solved my problem.

Thank you!