Why does dashboard take port 5000?


I set up dashboard to run on port 9000 while the gateway on 8000. I find no mention about port 5000 in the configs. However, when the dashboard starts it takes port 5000 too, preventing other software to use that. When I stop the dashboard with sudo service tyk-dashboard stop port 5000 gets free and I can run other services there. Dashboard starts without problem even if port 5000 is taken.

This is a problem when I boot my services up: if dashboard happens to take the port first, my other service can’t start.

Is there any way to tell dashboard not to take that port?


Port 5000 is for the realtime notifications from the dashboard, its a websocket server.


Oh, I see, thank you!
Is it possible to simply set/change that?


Unfortunately it’s not yet possible to switch off port 5000.