What should I put of --listenport

Hi, I’m new in Tyk, I am installing the tool and something is not clear at all to me. The documentation have this line to configure the dashboard:

sudo /opt/tyk-dashboard/install/setup.sh --listenport=3000 --redishost=localhost --redisport=6379 --mongo=mongodb:// --tyk_api_hostname=$HOSTNAME --tyk_node_hostname=http://localhost --tyk_node_port=8080 --portal_root=/portal --domain="XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX"

In --domain I put my domain: --domain="mydomain.com"
Now, my confussion is with --listenport why 3000? I installed the dashboard and it’s executing very well, but, when I click on “Your Developer Portal > Open your portal” it redirect to mydomain.com:3000
and that’s not the URL that I want to listen, I want to listen and manage mydomain.com only.

Also, I have other sites running in the same server, but I just want to use Tyk with mydomain.com, will be that a problem?

Hi, you might find this post usefuL

The dashboard listens on port 3000 and serves the portal from there as well, if you want to do more customization on how it’s exposed you might put a web server in front of it (this is a very common approch).


thank you, that’s exacly what I am looking for