What is the structure of webhook request?

How does a webhook http request look like? Can an example for rate limit or quota limit be posted here ?
Would it have the api id?or just the path?
If below is the default template it doesnt have API_ID.
“event”: “{{.EventType}}”,
“message”: “{{.EventMetaData.Message}}”,
“path”: “{{.EventMetaData.Path}}”,
“origin”: “{{.EventMetaData.Origin}}”,
“key”: “{{.EventMetaData.Key}}”

if “{{.EventMetaData.APIID}}”, added to it, will it be available on the webhook calls for Rate limit / quotalimit/ key expiry / authentication events?

The event objects are all here:

They would need to be extended to include API ID, and in turn, the firing event source would need to populate the field.

Once added, they would be in the template too.

Thanks Martin.
Prefer to stay on distributed version / docker containers released. Currently as a work around, have configured multiple webhooks for each API’s events and API ID as hard coded additional header.
Can this be considered for future release?

Sure, want to put a post into the feature requests topic?