💡 What are your thoughts on the Tyk Dashboard?

Hi all, I’m Nick, UX Product Manager @ Tyk. Nice to meet everyone!

We want to make the best products we can for all of you, and as such, we need your help! :bulb:

Currently I just want to get your thoughts on the dashboard, but I will be collecting feedback on all the areas of our Developer Experience going forward, so look out for them in the future.

So…what are your:

  • Common dashboard frustrations :keyboard_slam:
  • UX/UI mishaps
  • Feature requests
  • Things you like/love :heart_eyes:
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Would be great if everything in an API definition (that is exportable to JSON) could just be configurable via the GUI

(such as configuring middleware etc) see: Permit inline edit/re-import of API JSON config through dashboard · Issue #977 · TykTechnologies/tyk · GitHub

Thanks for your suggestion!

Yes I saw your issue on github, I have recorded it and will discuss it with the team.

I am gathering feedback from our team about the Dashboard, and will post here as I get it. We are still in the development phase, so we do not have a lot of usage yet.

One UI mishap off the top of my head is the navigation menu on the left tends to jump up or down within the frame when the mouse cursor hovers over it, causing lots of mis-clicks.

Likes - Log browser is useful for debugging, Analytics are nice (always nice to have more). Most pages are intuitive.

Frustrations - The small textareas for editing/testing response transforms are difficult to use when they are so close to each other. Perhaps stack them from top-to-bottom instead of left-to-right, or have a separate page/area to work on these and reference them in a dropdown.

Another, search keys by aliases… we will really need this feature: Can't search "Activity by Key" via key alias · Issue #980 · TykTechnologies/tyk · GitHub

Cheers, this is all valuable feedback jpostula. What product do you use out of interest? (cloud, on premises etc)

Regarding the menu, we’re aware of this and the fix will be released in our next major release (1.4)

We’re planning to do some engagement with dashboard users in the near future around how they use it and what else we can do to meet your needs etc, if you or your team would be keen to get involved?


Thanks. As Kos mentioned it’s in our backlog, so we’re on it :+1: