We're hiring! Join us at Tyk

Hey all,

We’re looking for some really talented people to join our team at Tyk. Right now, we’re hiring for the following roles:

Curious about the worklife at Tyk? Hear from Tyklings!

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Unlimited paid holiday :infinity:
  2. Completely flexible hours :timer_clock:
  3. Remote-by-default – work wherever you want or from one of our offices in London :uk:, Singapore :singapore: or Atlanta :us:
  4. Share options after 12 months :calendar:
  5. Annual company retreat :desert_island:

Check out the Talk to a Tykling interview series, which is all about going behind the scenes at Tyk to reveal glimpses of the talented team who allow us to handle billions of transactions daily for the world’s largest enterprises.

In case you have any question about any of the roles mentioned above, do reach out. :tyk2:

Hey do you have any positions available for agile project managers or scrum masters?

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Hi Ollie,

Not at the moment. However, you should check out the Product Owner role if you haven’t. Mentions scrum or agile qualification, among others. :slight_smile: