Welcome to the API platform engineering fundamentals programme! Let's get to know each other better :)

Hi Budha,

It was a great session yesterday. I am Mohan from Bangalore, India.

I look forward to gaining a good amount of knowledge on API Platform engineering.

Thank you.


Hi, Raffaele from London, UK. Working as a Principal Engineer for my company API Management Platform. I am interested in learning as much as possible to improve our products to deliver great quality to my company and our customers.
I also missed yesterday’s zoom because I had to take care of my daughter, do we have a chance to recover the recording?
Kind regards


Hi Tyk team,

How can I get recording for Session 1

Unfortunately, I ended up having to miss the first session. Looking forward to watching the replay. I know Jennifer and she is awesome.

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Hey folks

Welcome to the community forum and thank you for sharing your expectations and feedback with us. It’s great to see such a diverse cohort with us. We will take your suggestions and expectations into consideration and incorporate them into our future sessions :slight_smile:

Session recording
We will be sharing the recording of the session later today via email, so keep an eye out for it in your inbox.

Wish you a great week ahead and see you on Thursday!

Hello folks

Hope you all had a great weekend!

As promised, the session recording and slides from our 1st session has been sent out via email. If you have any trouble accessing them, do feel free to reach out me and we’ll sort it out.

Also, there is another thread in the forum with all other relevant resources and links from the 1st session:

See you this Thursday!

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Hi there! So glad I found this program at the right time.

I’m Dr. Anwesha Ghosh from India (WAHing from Kolkata)

I’m a senior product manager and hence I’m hoping to approach this from a technical product management angle like how to advocate for an API-first development approach in my organization.

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Hi, fellow PM!!! It’ll be awesome to bring in a product management flavour to our discussions!


Hi Folks,

Q1: I am Ilya, an API Platform Product Manager from Warsaw, Poland.

Q2: To learn how to reshape a Platform and learn new concepts and techniques. And meet wonderful people here!

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Hey guys, Willy here from Nairobi, Kenya.
Looking forward to dive into the world of APIs

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Hi all, Great to be here. Connecting in from London UK.

Looking forward to hearing more about how to make our APIs better

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Some feedback: could you put the links to some of the mentioned surveys and case studies mentioned in the show notes or in here somewhere?

Be good to read some of those for myself. Thanks

EDIT : just noted that many of them are mentioned in Jennifers awesome Platform Engineering paper :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone! It was a great first session.

I’m Jose Luis and I’m from Dominican Republic and I work as a SA. I would like to get more knowledge on API management to continue implementing solutions for my customers.

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Hi everyone! Joining late, but right on time for the 2nd session =)
I’m Yuliya, from Montréal, Canada. As a former tester and currently API dev, I’m interested to learn more about platform engineering. The concepts is kinda similar to testing enablement teams who provided capabilities for devs to write and run tests without worrying about reporting, environment, etc.

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Hi all,
John here from Oxford, UK. Just caught up with Wk1, looking forward to joining live this week.
With a background in integration platforms and API-M, looking to get a better understanding how Platform Engineering is different.


Belated hello everyone!

I’m Helena from Oxford, UK. As a member of a Product team, I’m here to learn more about API platforms and API platform teams, get a better understanding of what tasks and issues API platform engineers are faced with and what tips they can offer.

Looking forward to the next session; it’s been fab so far!

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Hi guys, I’m Isaac from Kenya.

A great opportunity to learn more about API platform engineering

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Hi All,

Amruta from Bangalore
I would like to get insights from API Product Migration approach like Apigee to Tyk or MuleSoft to Tyk or Kong to Tyk etc.

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Hey @AmrutaAPI,
Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing what you are looking for.
We’ve got some resources around this for sure. Is there a specific use case/migration that you are working on at the moment? Will be happy to connect and help out more directly :slight_smile:

Hi @hellobudha and Tyk community team,
I haven’t received mailings with resources for the past two weeks. Would it be possible to get those?