[Virtual Session] The Importance of API Management

Hey everyone!

Our Product Evangelist, @matthewtanner91, will be presenting a session on “The Importance of API Management” a DeveloperWeek on Tuesday, 16th June 2020. The session will cover many different areas where API management can help to create, test, and support various API driven initiatives.

We’ll be discussing some of the most talked-about benefits of API management platforms including:

  • Security
  • Virtual endpoints and mocking
  • Rate limiting and quotas
  • Body transformations
  • Versioning
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Monetising APIs
  • GraphQL capabilities

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If you’re not able to attend live, but are still interested in checking out the presentation, you can click the SEND THE RECORDING button and we’ll send you the session recording and wrap-up blog after the event.