Virtual endpoint request error with semicolon in headers


I have a small issue with virtual endpoint setup, that cannot get past it.
What i try to do is create a virtual endpoint which will receive an POST request to upload a file.
Then, via javascript, need to take that request, send it to an API to store the file, and the response will be sent to a second API to store DB details.
My problem is that the first API need ‘Content-Type’ send with boundary:
“multipart/form-data; boundary=--------------------------347868470454190400822081”
This is the code i have for the first request:
newRequest = {
“Method”: “POST”,
“Body”: “”,
“Headers”: {“Content-Type”: request.Headers[‘Content-Type’][0]},
“Domain”: “http://pres02.voplus.unstable.hmm.lan:15100”,
“Resource”: “/files/upload/images”,
“FormData”: {}
the problem is that is not working. If i put Content-type as “multipart/form-data”, is working. if i have it with boundary, is crashing. After playing a bit, i realize that what breaks it, is semicolon in Content-Type header:
“multipart/form-data**;** boundary=--------------------------347868470454190400822081”

How can i send the header with boundary, but without crashing at semicolon?