Validate duplicate request in specific period (minutes, hours, days etc.)

Hi Martin,

I new for Tyk GW and now I have a question about how we manage or eliminate the request that call the API within the minutes, hours or in one day how we ignore these request.

because the API that I’m take care it about subscription system if user make the request from mobile once and the response doesn’t back to user and they request again, this scenario that I figure out.



Hi Yoshi,

Have you tried creating a policy for this API? You can set quotas for the maximum number of requests that an API can receive within a given time period which should help with this issue.

Kind regards,
Jess @ Tyk

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Hi nattaphat,

you can manage this using quotas, here is the appropriate documentation on how you can achieve this.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Kos @ Tyk Support Team

Thank Kos,

But my case just make sure that the Ip, UUID from mobile devices takes success response and they cannot request api again in 1 hour I suppose, because that api it will charge they money.

It possible to use quotas for this scenario.

by the way I will go to the quotas documentation.


In near future my Org will use Tyk official I’m in charge to POC.

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You mean initiating a re-request if it fails the first time? Tyk doesn’t do re-requests (it can cause security issues), however you could set up NGinX as a proxy to do re-requests, I’m not sure wht the config for it is though.

Quotas will stop a user from being able to make a request within a period, but it won;t guarantee delivery… you might need a queue to handle that before Tyk, you could look at using a pre-auth middleware handler that does some kind of tracking - but it would be tricky.