Using Docker for installation


I am using docker for installation and I find all the docker is up. But after I run the ./, there are some errors returned as below.

Any idea on this issues? Hope for your response. Thanks.


Hi Danny,

When you visit that URL, does the login page show up? The issue here is that the bootstrap script can’t find the dashboard to run all the init API commands.

Hi Martin,

It is okay now when I use docker-compose-pre-1.9.yml. It successfully create the organization, user… etc.

But I call the tyk-gateway restful api with loading always and no response returned using postman.

Any logs that I can find to trace the problem or any test available for testing the gateway is correctly installed?

Thank you very much.

Are you using a pre 1.9 version of docker?

That file is pretty old, the issues you are getting here are because the interconnections between the containers isn’t working, in particular the two-way link between the gateway and the dashboard containers.