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Sender:Abish Jose.
Date:Thursday, 6 August 2015 23:59:30 UTC+1.

I am doing a POC on Tyk as an API Management tool using V1.7 and successfully registered a sample API with target URL as test web service.
After creating client for the web service in a mobile app and changing the endpoints to point to Tyk listen path, the end to end flow worked perfectly.
I was able to use Tyk inside a mobile app using Open, Basic Auth and Auth Token authentication modes by modifying web service client generations with keys created in Tyk
Please note that, I have used the dashboard for setting up apis and keys not command prompt.
Now, how can I create or register different users with password or token for authentication as they login to the mobile app using Tyk?
I would like to use Tyk as authentication and session mechanism for my APIs which is used by the mobile app and leave the back end web services with only business logic.
Is this something achievable through Tyk?
Thank you so much for your attention to my email
Kind Regards,
Abish Jose

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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Friday, 7 August 2015 07:12:41 UTC+1.

Hi Abish,

This would be achieved using either theAdvanced Management API (recommended) or the Gateway REST API.

I wouldn’t put the user creation logic directly into the app as it would exposing or embedding security credentials into the app. Instead maybe create your own small web service that takes your user meta data and then uses that to generate tokens in Tyk with either of the two APIs.

Rest API:
Advanced API (dashboard):

Good luck :slight_smile: