URL advance rewrite

Not sure what went wrong, but I can’t use advance rewrite from cloud. I see “object is required” error when I hit update

Can you check if you can view the API definition? Also, could you let us know the version?

I’m using cloud (v4.0.0)

Screen Shot 2022-04-07 at 8.19.26 PM

I can view definition before adding advance rewrite, but I can’t view my definition after the error.

Just confirmed that there is a bug in 4.0.0 UI / dashboard. The bug does not affect the URL Rewrite functionality. If you don’t have a specific feature set in 4.0.0 you are using, then I would suggest downgrading to 3.2.2. If not, the available workaround is to use dashboard APIs to update the API definition.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I see… thanks for confirming, just curious, is there a plan for fixing this issue on 4.00 version? whats the ETA

Yes, we do plan on fixing it and have emphasized the urgency on the bug report. There is no ETA now. But I will update this thread when I have more information.

@Ethan_Ye The fix for this issue has been released in v4.0.6 and it should be available in the cloud for deployment.

Can you confirm on your end.