Unable to access my localhost api

Hi Sir,
I have created an Api but when I am trying to access it it’s giving error “There was a problem proxying the request”

Hi Yadav,

Can you give details about your steps and configuration?


I have followed the steps as given by tyk documentation. I have used tyk cloud

Can you share your API definition?

APIs --> your-api-name --> RAW API DEFINITION(at top)

its a service which is deployed on kurbenetes

I think the problem is here. You cannot access your local API by tyk cloud. Target URL should be public.

can u help me for this

i also tried with tyk on premise

If your API is on Kubernetes, this doc can help you: Exposing an External IP Address to Access an Application in a Cluster | Kubernetes

Is your on-premise in your local? or in kubernetes?

it is in local not on kurbenetes

What did you say this for ?

i tried for both api with kubernetes and without kurbernetes

and this one is on localhost not on kubernetes

Are you sure that http://localhost:5000/v2/ is running its own? I mean paste that URL into browser and make a request to it and please share the result with me.

In the example of Tyk docs, it uses petstore v2 API so it has postfix of v2 at the end. Are you putting that v2 because of the example?

Why doesn’t it show anything?

I need this as output

Can you please make target URL http://httpbin.org/ and try to make request to Tyk API URL?