UDG and Developer Portal for Tyk Community Edition

I am looking for a definitive answer to the following questions as we look to implement Tyk in my company.

  • Does the open source gateway include the Universal Data Graph GraphQL functionality?
  • Is there any type of developer portal in the open source version? If not, how easy is it to integrate SwaggerUI with the community product to provide a developer portal that way?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hey @notnow123
Let me jump in on the UDG part here.

Yes, Universal Data Graph functionality is included in the OSS Gateway along with all the GQL specific security options like disabling introspection, query depth limiting or field based permissions.
To be perfectly clear though it will be much more complex to configure a graph without the Tyk Dashboard support. It’s possible, and we provide documentation to follow and build it out, but it might be a bit more tinkering than just doing it via UI.

Hi @notnow123

Tyk Gateway is completely open source and is a component in the Tyk API Management product:

Tyk Dashboard and portal are proprietary and deliver API management capabilities:

Note that there is no paid/premium/enterprise gateway - if you use the open source gateway, you are using the same gateway that many of the world’s largest enterprises use. You can manage the gateway vy command line, config and API Call, that costs nothing, but if you want to do the same using the dashboard, then you require a dashboard licence.

So the difference between the Tyk open source features and proprietary features is whether they are dashboard only features.

In the OSS gateway, managed by config file and command line/API Call:
Detailed Monitoring and Analytics (gathered by the gateway, you can sent them to any analytics platform you wish - Tyk Pump component makes this simple and free)
Quotas and Rate Limiting
Mock out APIs
Notifications and Events
On-the-fly Transforms
Microservice Focus
Virtual Endpoints
API Sharding
Service Discovery

In the proprietary dashboard only
API Developer Portal
API Documentation
Developer Onboarding
Multi Data Centre/Cloud capabilities
UDG via low-code interface

Hope that helps.