Tyk version 1.6 and Dashboard version 0.9.4 released

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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Monday, 27 April 2015 17:00:46 UTC+1.

Hi Everyone,

I’m happy to announce that Tyk v1.6 is ready and baked, and available for download from our Gihub releases page.

There’s been some major enhancements in this release:
A Developer Portal for publishing APIs, allowing developers to sign up and to enroll ifor access as well as documentation support (Swagger and API Blueprint)
Tyk no longer needs the host manager to hot-reload - reload a whole cluster with a single API call (this is backward compatible, please see the docs for more info)
New Rate Limiter: Uses a rolling window for better and more accurate security - still safe across processes
The host manager now manages NginX better, with more flexible templates and new template variables (API Slug names and Organisation Slugs)
Key policies for easier access management and tiered access levels (integrates with the portal, but also standalone)
Granular access rights n a path-by-path and method basis, this can be embedded in the key or a policy to create various access levels (e.g. read-only access), without affecting versioning
Hashed keys - For more secure deployments, you can hash keys that Tyk stores in Redis
Upstream Cache Control - you can now set your applicaiton up to tell Tyk how to handle caching the response as well as TTL
Parameter support for token based API’s (instead of just headers)
All in all there’s a lot going on, and it’s all been integrated with the dashboard. Obviously the portal is the largest thing in there, and the initial documentation has been written, however it will most likely need to be revamped to really help people get started - feedback welcome :slight_smile:

The builds will be available as docker images soon, having suport for API Blueprint has made the dependencies for Tyk dashboard a little heavier if that’s a feature you’re using, so we need to just polish those up to make them more seamless.

As always, any feedback, bugs, fixes, changes, suggestions, rants and bribes are welcome, ping me at [email protected]