Tyk v1.2 Released

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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Wednesday, 12 November 2014 17:04:02 UTC.

We’re very happy to announce that version 1.2 of the Tyk API gateway has just been released. It’s been a while in the making, but it combines feedback from our early adopters, integrators, and contributions from the open source community.

The most significant new features in this version are:
IP White-listing is now supported
Batch request processing support has been added
A new event subsystem has been integrated
Web hooks are now provided for system-wide events that are templatable and support multiple methods and headers
A key change in this version, which in part is why it took so long to release, is a complete refactor of how Identity (Auth) and session storage is implemented. These elements are now interfaces which can easily be extended by developers and allow different upstream APIs to have custom storage, session and authentication logic, as well as custom key generators should it be required.

All the gruesome details in the blog and in the v1.2 documentation

v1.2 also comes with a mini Dashboard compatibility update (0.7.1).

As always, please let us know any feedback, problems, bugs, issues, bribes or presents :slight_smile: