TYK service down?

Hello Martin
Our proxy died and restarting it gives the following error:
time=“Mar 4 13:47:48” level=info msg=“Connection dropped, connecting…”
time=“Mar 4 13:47:48” level=info msg=“Connecting to RPC Analytics service”
time=“Mar 4 13:47:48” level=info msg=“Starting Poller”
time=“Mar 4 13:47:48” level=fatal msg=“RPC Login incorrect”

Is the service down?

Hi Abed,

We ran a database update that caused the hybrid bridge service to fail for a short period. This has now been resolved.

The upgrade was to improve access times for analytics data in the dashboard. The hybrid service was meant to fail over gracefully during the roll out but didn’t. We have now put in place a fix to ensure that this does not happen again.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience, we are currently undergoing growth changes that have had unforeseen impacts on cloud systems.

Many thanks,

Hello Martin,

No problem. Thank you for the update and have a good weekend.