Tyk Self-Managed Paid or Free?

I’m looking to replace an API gateway.

The service I operate is running in a private data center. I pay for the hosting. The project is a sort-of hobby project that has grown to bring in a bit of revenue. Now, the existing API gateway is a custom implementation.

I note via the tyk.io website that there is a paid “self-managed” price option. On other parts of the same website, I read,

No functionality hidden behind a paywall.

What would the self-managed (paid) option provide that I wouldn’t get for free? Support? SLAs?

Clarification would be much appreciated.

Hi @zerodefect - the options you are looking at are not for the API Gateway, those are options for Full Lifecycle API Management: Including API Designer, Dev Portal, GUI, dashboard, etc.

There are both self-managed and cloud versions of Tyk API Management and they use the Open Source Tyk API Gateway as a component.

There is a free plan for the cloud version, but all Self-Managed API Management licences have a price attached. These all come with support, SLAs, patches, etc.

However, the Tyk API Gateway is self-managed, is free to use, fully Open Source and has no restrictions. But it is a gateway, not a management platform. There is no paid version of the gateway.