Tyk SaaS limitations

Some advice I have had regarding the SaaS option is that due to limitations on using plugins you are better off using the self managed option.

How accurate is that advice? Has anyone had any experience with this where they started off using SaaS but had to move later?


Hi Grayson,

Thanks for your question.

Tyk’s SaaS does not allow for customisation as it is hosted by Tyk in a multi-tenant solution. There are some customisations available if you look at our more Hybrid model and deploy your own Gateways locally.

Please can you share what kind of plugins or customisation you are looking at, and what you are trying to achieve? This will help us advise on the best deployment method.

Separately, we have many clients that start using our SaaS and then scale to On-Premise, but this is usually to do with the scale of deployments, traffic etc


Tamara & the Tyk team

We are going to follow that model of starting with the SaaS service. I would like to eliminate a separate WAF so probably some of the OWASP protections that the gateway does not provide is where I would look to use a plugin.