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can anyone help me with obtain x-tyk-authorization secret when using cloud setup . initially i was using custom installation of tyk and its stack . But i am facing persistence issue with redis , hence i decided to move to tyk cloud .I obtained x-tyk-authorization secret from tyk.conf file when installed locally . But how can i obtain the same from cloud configuration


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Hi Kalyan,
Tyk Cloud is a closed, multi-tenant, distributed install of Tyk, you won’t be able to have the same level of access to cloud as you will with self-hosted. With cloud all API calls must go through the Advanced API.
What kind of persistence issues were you having? Did you enable the persistence options in Redis?
Many thanks,

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Date:Friday, 11 December 2015 21:48:03 UTC.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the quick reply .

Then how would i use tyk restApi like APIID/tyk.oauth/authorize-client or APIID/oauth/token

also , i am clueless on redis, i tried so many thingslike vm.overcommit memory to 1 but none seems to persist it . could you provide me a sample conf file for redis if its not too much trouble or point me to things i can change in configuration

redis doesnot crash somehow i loosing oauth clients i have generated periodically

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Ah I see, that’s a good point, that API is not exposed as part of the advanced wrapper - we’ll need to address that.
You need to set
appendonly yes
To have it save to disk.
Take a look at the options here:

I’m not sure why your clients are vanishing. Is any other data missing, like key data?