Tyk Release v4.3.1 & v4.0.10 are here!

Hello Tyk Community! :raised_hand:

:fire:4.0.10/4.3.1 :fire: have officially been released. Here are the details:

:rocket: Highlights

Implement latency tracking for cache, as it was not implemented
Virtual endpoint responses are not cached. The fix reworks the caching middleware to exit with a cache-hit earlier in the chain, and to store the cache at the absolutely final step of the response processor middleware chain.
Fixed problem with fetching data in UDG - the same datasource will no longer make several calls to upstream to get the same response, instead the response will be reused for multiple fields connected to the datasource
Information on these fixes and more can be found in the release notes :point_up::skin-tone-3:

:tools: Bug fixes and minor changes


Release v4.3.1 && v4.0.10

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