Tyk Release V4.0.11 & V4.3.2

Hello Tyk Community! :raised_hand:

:fire:4.0.11/4.3.2:fire: have officially been released. Here are the details:

:rocket: Highlights

Highlights from thees patches include:

  • Unable to update key by ID in the dashboard, UI disables update options
  • Dashboard panic and restart when visiting API Activity page with Document DB as storage
  • Allow MDCB to be aware of groupIDs status and resync keys when redis is reset on the edge
  • Querying for __typename in any graph causes a 502 error

:tools: Bug fixes and minor changes


Release v4.3.2 && v4.0.11

:pencil: Installation/Upgrade instructions

Tyk installation: Installation

:speech_balloon: Feedback
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