Tyk Pump 0.6.0, Tyk Sink (MDCB) 1.6.0, Tyk Identity Broker 0.6.0

Tyk Pump 0.6.0

  • Add support for ElasticSearch 6: set version to 6
  • Added Logz.io pump:
    "logzio": {
      "type": "logzio",
      "meta": {
        "token": "<YOUR-LOGZ.IO-TOKEN>"
  • Added DataDog pump
   "dogstatsd": {
      "name": "dogstatsd",
      "meta": {
        "address": "localhost:8125",
        "namespace": "pump",
        "async_uds": true,
        "async_uds_write_timeout_seconds": 2,
        "buffered": true,
        "buffered_max_messages": 32
  • Added prometheus support, by exposing URL which Prometheus can pull:
    "prometheus": {
      "type": "prometheus",
      "meta": {
        "listen_address": "localhost:9090",
        "path": "/metrics"
  • Added Hybrid Pump, which allows installing Tyk Pump inside Hybrid installations. Now you can configure Tyk Pump to send data to the source of your choice (like ElasticSearch), and in parallel, forward analytics to Tyk Cloud. Additionally, you can set aggregated flag, to send only aggregated analytics to MDCB or Tyk Cloud, in order to save network bandwidth between DCs.
   "hybrid": {
      "type": "hybrid",
      "meta": {
        "rpc_key": “<org-id>“,
        "api_key": “<api-key>”,
        "aggregated": false,
        "connection_string": "localhost:9090",
        "use_ssl": false,
        "ssl_insecure_skip_verify": false,
        "group_id": "",
        "call_timeout": 30,
        "ping_timeout": 60,
        "rpc_pool_size": 30
  • Add support for multiple pumps of the same type, by allowing setting top level keys to custom values:
"csv": {
  "type": "csv",
  "meta": {
    "csv_dir": "./"
"csv_alt": {
  "type": "csv",
    "meta": {
    "csv_dir": "./"
  • Better handling of Redis timeouts
  • Add support for “Host” analytics field

Tyk Sink (MDCB) 1.6.0

  • Add support for handling aggregated analytics, coming from Tyk Pump, if it has hybrid.aggregated option turned on (supported from version 0.6.0). It allows installing Tyk Pump inside local DC, and send only aggregated analytics instead of raw logs, which should save network bandwidth between DCs in case of high traffic.
  • Fix connection handling in case of broken clients (like TCP health checks)
  • Allow specify TLS ciphers via server_options.ssl_ciphers similar to Gateway and Dashboard

Tyk Identity Broker 0.6.0

  • Add support for Salesforce provider as part of “SocialProvider”
  "UseProviders": [{
   "Name": "salesforce",
   "Key": "xxxx",
   "Secret": "xxxxx",
   "DiscoverURL": ""
  • Added CustomEmailField to profile object to specify custom email scopes for OpenID or JWT
  • Improved logging and support for TYK_LOGLEVEL variable to control verbosity. Possible values: debug, info, warning, error
  • Add support for fetching First and Last user name from LDAP. Fields configurable via LDAPFirstNameAttribute and LDAPLastNameAttribute variables (defaults to givenName and sn)