Tyk Pro - On-Premise -- Reusing API-Keys - Not working


I am following this process:

A. Initial Data Creation, and save to file; on a Tyk-Pro on-premise

  1. Create API definitions
  2. Create Policies referencing API definitions from (1)
  3. Create API-Keys referencing Policies and API Definitions form above

B. On a new instance of Tyk-Pro on-premise, re-import the saved data (updating the new ORG_ID) from (A) above.

  1. Create API definitions using already saved payloads,
  2. Create new policies (as existing one’s don’t use their _id fields), using existing payload info
  3. Create API-Keys with same API-Key name and payload from (A).

Endpoint for API-Key Creation
Endpoint used for API-key creation in (B), as:

curl PUT http://localhost:8080/tyk/keys/{ACCESS_KEY}?suppress_reset=1 --data $keyPayload --header "x-tyk-authorization: TYK_GATEWAY_NODE_SECRET" --header "Content-Type: application/json"


  • The two API-Keys cannot be created, the logs say:
    for the first API-Key: cannot apply multiple policies if any are non-partitioned
    for the second API-Key: cannot apply multiple quota policies

The first API key payload has two policies both having partition defined as '{"quota":false,"rate_limit":false,"acl":false}'

The second API key payload has two policies both having partitions as:

  • I am really lost here not sure how to make this work
  • The key got created initially with same policies, and doesn’t work in (B)

Can I please get some helpful pointers here?