Tyk operator with nginx ingress

I was following this: https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk-operator/blob/master/config/samples/ingress/ingress-httpbin/ingress.yaml

I am unable to replace nginx ingress with tyk right away in my environment.

What my requirement is:
ingress is in namespace nsA, service and apidefinition is also in nsA but the the gateway pod is in nsB.
RIght now what I am doing is forwarding traffic from ingress in nsA to gateway’s service in nsB and then forwarding traffic to main api’s service in nsA using the apidefinition. I am sure there should be a better way to do this.

Hi @utkarsh079

You can use APIDefinition resource to configure Gateway directly. If nginx can forward all traffics to gateway, gateway can route traffic to your service in nsA as long as you have set proxy targetURL correctly (e.g. http://service-name.nsA.svc)

The data flow will look like this: user → nginx → gateway pod → pod in nsA

Thanks @carol
Thats what I am doing right now. thanks