Tyk Operator release v0.14.0

Hello Tyk Community! :raised_hand:

Operator v0.14.0 has be released today!

:rocket: Highlights:

Snapshot tool usability enhancements

  • We have released the Tyk Operator docker image so you can run snapshot tool directly now, e.g. docker run -it --rm --env-file=.env -v "$(pwd)":/dist tykio/tyk-operator:{tag} [FLAGS]
  • Allow use of --category flag with --separate flag, so you can export API definitions from one category and Policies into separate files.

For details, please refer to updated snapshot documentation here.

Improve performance and fix errors during reconciliation

  • Reduce number of external API calls to Tyk Gateway / Dashboard by calling Update API only if the hashes of an existing resource and updated resource is different during reconciliation.
  • Adds an additional check in delete method of ApiDefinition to handle unexpected status responses (500) from older version of Tyk Gateway while deleting non-existent APIs.
  • Adds an additional check in update method of ApiDefinition to handle update of a non-existent API. If ApiDefinition does not exist in Tyk, Operator will create it; otherwise, Operator will update it.

More details here: Tyk Operator
Additional resources: GitHub - TykTechnologies/tyk-operator: Tyk Operator for Kubernetes
Release notes: Release v0.14.0 Β· TykTechnologies/tyk-operator Β· GitHub

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