Tyk operator parameters

I’ve installed tyk gateway but as it doesn’t has a working ingress, I cannot access to any user/admin interface.
How and from where can I get following parameters to install k8s Tyk operator?




I’ve installed tyk gateway but as it doesn’t has a working ingress

If you used the tyk-helm-chart to deploy the gateway, it should have bound to a port on your Nodes, so if you get the service it should tell you which port on the nodes you can use, for example:

chris@makoto:~/k8s$ kubectl get services -n tyk-ce
NAME                              TYPE       CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)         AGE
gateway-svc-tyk-ce-tyk-headless   NodePort   <none>        443:32471/TCP   60s

From the above I can use port 32471 on one of my nodes to talk to a gateway.

For the tyk-operator configuration items, and there are descriptions for them in the tyk-operator documentation here

If you are just installing the gateway and wish to manage an OSS installation for example, you would set TYK_MODE=ce

For an OSS installation you’d then configure the TYK_URL to be the URL to a gateway so operator has an endpoint to manage the gateway cluster.

The TYK_AUTH value would be the secret of the gateway you put in the tyk.conf configuration file, or specified in the TYK_GW_SECRET environment variable. Alternatively if you used the tyk-helm-chart to deploy the gateways, it would have been specified in the values under secrets.adminsecret.

This should be enough to configure Operator for an OSS installation.

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