Tyk On-Premises free vs Tyk CE


What is the difference between using tyk on-premises free (1 node) and tyk CE, as far as i can see only the dashboard and analytics are not available for tyk CE.
Is there also a difference in the installation process?


Community Edition refers to installing the gateways only and running them headless.
A Tyk pro licence (paid or free) adds the dashboard to this - but its the same gateways that are used.
There is a config difference only, as the gateways need to know to get configurations from the dash if its used.
There are getting started and installation guides on the Tyk website for both CE and Pro

Does that answer the question?

If I understand correctly, it’s the same installation basically the only difference that the dashboard is installed as well, and used via the UI to configure your gateway.

That is correct - though the dashboard is not just a management layer, it also provides:

  • endpoint designer - so you can easily import API definitions, design transformations, etc, through a GUI.
  • analytics - so you can interrogate usage
  • concept of organisations and policies - so you can manage large numbers of users and associate their access accordingly for billing, etc.
  • developer portal - so you can make registration for access, keys, documentation, self-service.