Tyk on premise Pricing

I am confused about the tyk pricing. I want to run the API gateway on AWS (self managed / on-premise) in production. As far as I can see I have to get a paid license, is that correct ?

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Hi Hugo,

If you simply want to run the Tyk gateway headless, without any of the management layer, which includes the Tyk dashboard & developer portal, then you can do this for free. You can simply take the open source gateway & deploy it to AWS.

The management layer is the part which is licensed, so if you do need this layer, then you will require a paid licence for production use, as you said above. There are a few different options here, depending on the number of gateways which you need to manage. You can find out more here - Tyk Self-managed pricing - Tyk API Gateway

Note that all of our paid licences include access to our Support team.

Hope that helps. Feel free to message back with any further questions, or you can reach out directly to [email protected], Iā€™d be happy to help out further if needed!