Tyk multi-cloud setup. No metrics on a dashboard


We’ve installed tyk gateway recently as a multi-cloud setup on AWS.
Everything is fine except metrics and logs are not displaying in a dashboard.

gateway config:


“listen_port”: 8080,
“pid_file_location”: “/var/run/tyk/tyk-gateway.pid”,
“secret”: “12345”,
“template_path”: “/opt/tyk-gateway/templates”,
“tyk_js_path”: “/opt/tyk-gateway/js/tyk.js”,
“middleware_path”: “/opt/tyk-gateway/middleware”,
“proxy_ssl_min_version”: 771,
“use_db_app_options”: {
“node_is_segmented”: true,
“tags”: [“production”]
“dns_cache”: {
“enabled”: true,
“ttl”: 300
“app_path”: “/opt/tyk-gateway/apps/”,
“storage”: {
“type”: “redis”,
“database”: 0,
“optimisation_max_idle”: 512,
“optimisation_max_active”: 1024
“proxy_ssl_insecure_skip_verify”: true,
“enable_analytics”: true,
“health_check”: {
“enable_health_checks”: false
“optimisations_use_async_session_write”: true,
“allow_master_keys”: false,
“policies”: {
“policy_source”: “rpc”,
“policy_record_name”: “tyk_policies”
“hash_keys”: true,
“suppress_redis_signal_reload”: false,
“use_sentry”: false,
“enforce_org_data_age”: true,
“http_server_options”: {
“use_ssl”: true,
“server_name”: “”,
“min_version”: 771,
“certificates”: [
“domain_name”: “*.gw.<internal_dns_zone>”,
“cert_file”: “/opt/tyk-gateway/ssl/certificate”,
“key_file”: “/opt/tyk-gateway/ssl/keyfile”
“enable_websockets”: true
“monitor”: {
“enable_trigger_monitors”: true,
“configuration”: {
“method”: “POST”,
“target_path”: “http://cloud.tyk.io/1337/tyk/webhook”,
“template_path”: “/opt/tyk-gateway/templates/monitor_template.json”,
“header_map”: {“x-tyk-monitor-secret”: “<monitor_secret_key>”},
“event_timeout”: 10
“global_trigger_limit”: 80.0,
“monitor_user_keys”: false,
“monitor_org_keys”: true
“slave_options”: {
“use_rpc”: true,
“connection_string”: “hybrid.cloud.tyk.io:9091”,
“use_ssl”: true,
“rpc_pool_size”: 20,
“enable_rpc_cache”: true,
“bind_to_slugs”: true
“local_session_cache”: {
“disable_cached_session_state”: false
“enforce_org_quotas”: false,
“experimental_process_org_off_thread”: true,
“enable_non_transactional_rate_limiter”: true,
“enable_sentinel_rate_limiter”: false,
“auth_override”: {
“force_auth_provider”: true,
“auth_provider”: {
“name”: “”,
“storage_engine”: “rpc”,
“meta”: {}
“enable_context_vars”: true,
“enable_api_segregation”: false,
“optimisations_use_async_session_write”: true,
“enable_custom_domains”: true,
“enable_jsvm”: true,
“coprocess_options”: {
“enable_coprocess”: false
“hide_generator_header”: false,
“event_handlers”: {
“events”: {}
“allow_insecure_configs”: true,
“public_key_path”: “”,
“close_idle_connections”: false,
“allow_remote_config”: false,
“enable_bundle_downloader”: true,
“service_discovery”: {
“default_cache_timeout”: 20
“close_connections”: true,
“max_idle_connections_per_host”: 512,
“disable_dashboard_zeroconf”: true

Do you see something unusual which block dashboard from collecting logs and stats?

Best regards,

Found solution in source code.
Can be closed.

Hi Xinitrc

Out of curiosity:
Did you deploy the gateways via AWS marketplace, or did you install direct?
Did you connect to the Tyk Multicloud SaaS dashboard? Or to an on-premise installed dashboard?

We’re looking at ways of making it simpler to get started with Tyk multicloud, so any feedback appreciated. You can DM me if you prefer not to post here!



Hi James,

  1. I used my custom centos 7 AMI and i run tyk gateway in my custom centos 7 docker image. This allows me to put it inside autoscaling group and deploy using terraform and jenkins.
  2. I connect to Tyk Multicloud SaaS dashboard

If you have any other questions i’m happy to answer.